January 1, 2014

DIVISION 22 (第二十二)

Bent over, you will be preserved whole;
When twisted, you will be upright;
When hollowed out, you will become full;
When worn out, you will become renewed;
When you have little, you will attain (much);
With much, you will be confused.
Therefore, the shèng rén embraces the One.
He becomes the model of the world.
He does not show himself off,
And so is conspicuous.
He does not put himself on display;
Therefore, he brightly shines.
He does not consider himself right, and so is illustrious.
He does not brag, and so has merit.
He does not boast, and so endures.
Because he is not contentious,
No one under heaven can contend with him.
What the ancients say: “Bent thus preserved whole.”
Are these empty words?
Truly it enables on to be preserved to the end.