March 14, 2009


The valley spirit never dies.
It is called the Xuán Pìn.
The Xuán Pìn Gate Is called the root of Heaven and Earth.
Gossamer, so unceasing, it seems real.
In being used, it is not exhausted.

COMMENTARY by Koeng S. Wan:
The Xuán Pìn Gate serves as both Heaven's and Earth's eternal spiritual connection or root (gēn​ ) with the Dào. Consequently, the natures of both Heaven and Earth directly emanate from the Dào. One's relationship with the Xuán Pìn Gate is important because to be like Heaven is to be one with the Dào (Division 16).

Xuán Pìn (the Mystic Female), is introduced as a feminine valley spirit whose gate is the root of both Heaven and Earth. The valley symbolizes a ready, potent, yet unrealized nurturing, feminine fertility – empty yet receptive for “use” (see Divisions 15 and 28). The Xuán Pìn's Gate serves as the root of both Heaven and Earth and, presumably, is their spiritual connection to the Dào, which means that the nature of both Heaven and Earth emanates directly from the Dào.